[greenstone-users] GLSN Release Greenstone on Desktop for Personal Libraries

From Cameron Esslemont
DateThu, 1 Mar 2007 19:43:58 +1000
Subject [greenstone-users] GLSN Release Greenstone on Desktop for Personal Libraries
We have been developing infrastructure for deployment of digital libraries to remote communities for use offline ( uses Greenstone at its core)
Also as part of that work have developed a Personal Learning Centre......Greenstone on the Desktop  ... with citation management for building Personal Libraries
You can download this from www.glsn.com
Have also attached posting to HIF-NET re the release of support for Health Libraries for offline use
Look forward to your comments and suggestions
Maybe some of you have libraries that need to be deployed for Offline Use.   most of us are telecommunications remote .... even those living in major urban centres
Cameron Esslemont
Global Library Services Network
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We have completed our trials in respect of an Electronic Resource Centre (ERC) and will begin deploying system this month.
An ERC is a location within a country (preferably on the internet so we can easily communicate with them) and with a librarian, where we can cache digital libraries for local offline use or collection on memory stick and transfer to more remote offline users. The libraries can be updated (add and cull) and the search index built locally. All material is catalogued using extended Dublin Core providing references, it supports Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for persistence and supports Creative Commons copyright model (and others) 
A demonstration of our first trial can be seen at www.glsn.com/vision. This will be completed in March and deployed to interested parties (We estimate it will have around 200+ items in the Library).  The material was identified by a "community of practice" - domain experts in the field of vision and they are responsible for the content. GLSN is responsible for the copyright clearance, packaging and deployment.  Ultimately we envisage attaching librarians to each ERC to ensure the cataloguing is correct. 
We intend to deploy and support at least four organisations / locations in each country, feeding them with precompiled libraries (or updates) on a regular basis.  In return they will need to give the broader local community  access to their network and will also need to participate in our projects to collect and catalogue specific local  'grey literature' in an organised manner. We invite other communities to contact us to discuss the establishment of similar ERC's in other health areas. In the demonstration ERC you will see material declared as OPEN libraries, free for all to view and share and PRIVATE where access to the information is restricted to "community members". (normally a copyright issue)
We will also be releasing our ERC for Health during March. Again we will be calling for interested parties who wish to be considered as our in country locations to contact us. This is a more general library and its initial focus will be to deploy material under "creative commons" licence for local use and distribution.  Our effort todate has been in preparing the Public Library of Science Journals for distribution under an Attribution Licence. These can be seen at www.glsn.con/ERC-Health. Other material will be added in due course.  
Note: Unfortunately you will have to register separately on each site.
Also have completed work on our desktop Personal Learning Centre (PLC) which supports the creation and management of digital assets on your desktop (offline). Of particular interest will be integration with PubMed where you can undertake a search, download the XML, create a digital library with an individual catalogue record for each item, go direct to the article using the DOI or PMID, download the article and attach it to catalogue record and finally end up with a full text searchable library with metadata for offline personal use on your desktop. 
If you want the tool  (Windows), you need to join the community and download tool which is free...... www.glsn.com  Unfortunately it is about 15Mb. It will be available for pick up at the ERC and can be shared widely
Finally we have completed our integrated publishing system for the deployment of "E-Portfolios" created when you extract the results of your searches from our libraries. This is normally at the page level, just as you do with magazines when you tear the required pages out.  The E-Portfolios can then be exported for use offline.  We will be deploying these Portfolios in our libraries and under our upcoming project called "Textbooks without Borders".....where we will provide the infrastructure for domain specialists to create an add the content "pages" for the booklets ( A little like a wiki but distributed to your desktop for offline use) .  All booklets will deployed back to the community in libraries under Creative Commons Licence.  You can see some examples of portfolios in the ERC for Health under Portfolios.
We would appreciate any comments, and will be seeking interested parties for the ERC deployment, Textbooks and also for those interested in being involved in the further deployment of the infrastructure. We will be seeking assistance in setting up a Governing Body for The Community Library   
Before you ask Does it cost anything?  The short answer maybe:
For a Library User: No - the software will be distributed freely and the Open Libraries are free. All you have to do is make you way to the ERC's in your country.
For an ERC location - No, the software is free and offline training (by distance education) will be bundled with it.  However the trade off for an ERC is that they will be asked to become actively involved in identifying, collecting, assisting in cataloguing details about local grey material so we can begin to manage its cataloguing and dissemination.  The material to be collected will be quite focused and driven by the different "communities of practice" 
For a Publisher of material - if the material is selected to be part of The Community Library (must be under Creative Commons Licence) the material is deployed at no charge unless the publisher wishes their logo to appear with the material. Then there would be a very minimal annual fee.  If not they will be accepting that their material will be deployed within libraries possibly sponsored by others. (however it will still be catalogued correctly)
For Organisations wishing to deploy the system internally for their private use - maybe call us (skype: glsnsp)
Why a Creative Commons Licence. http://creativecommons.org  
The ERC is a electronic resource centre in a remote location. It is important that a library user has the right to do something (take copies, print, re-distribute) material without having to request approval from the publisher. Creative Commons supports that broader distribution whilst maintaining rigour. The ERC will be able to provide feedback to the publisher through The Community Library as to material usage.
Finally would like to thank Renee du Toit of Fred Hollows NZ and Steve Baxendale of POLHN (Fiji)  for their support in staying the course with us during our up and down prototype stage.
Look forward to your comments and participation. We believe this project will support (not replace) many of the other projects currently underway in support of Digital Inclusion
Thanks from Australia
Cameron Esslemont
Global Library Services Network
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