[greenstone-users] restrict document

From Katherine Don
DateSat Oct 17 21:41:45 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] restrict document
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Sorry for the late reply. In case you are still interested in the answer:

Greenstone's document authentication mechanism only works for the
Greenstone version, not when there is a direct link to the file (ie when
using srclink).

Alternatives - use the web server to restrict access (I don't know how
to do this but it should be possible).

or password protect the whole collection

Or in your classifiers/search format statement, don't use [srclink],
only [link]. This will take users to a greenstone document page, which
will be password protected. Then on this page, you can put the link to
the pdf using [srclink].

I hope this helps a little bit.

Emmanuel NGOI wrote:
> Dear users,
> When I restricted documents, I have only html documents restricted the pdf documents are not restricted.
> I will be very happy to obtain some aid.
> Emma
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