[greenstone-users] Form Searching

From Katherine Don
DateSat Nov 7 14:53:29 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Form Searching
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Hi Devon

If you want to do this for all collections, then you can edit the main
macro files.

Open up macros/query.dm and look for the initfqf and clearfqf functions.

Comment out the bits indicated below - by adding // in front of each line.

// fqf - the field selection box
function initfqf() {
var i;
fqf = argfqf.split(",");
num_opts = document.QueryForm.fqf[0].options.length; // assumes all
have the same options
for (i=0; i<fqf.length && i<document.QueryForm.fqf.length; i++) {
if (fqf[i] != ""){
for (j=0;j<num_opts;j++) {
if (fqf[i]== document.QueryForm.fqf[i].options[j].value) {
document.QueryForm.fqf[i].options[j].selected = true;
[comment out all from here ...]
//if (fqf.length < document.QueryForm.fqf.length) { // initialize
remaining ones
// for (i=fqf.length;i<document.QueryForm.fqf.length;i++) {
// var z=i;
// while (z >= num_opts) {
// z = z-(num_opts);
// }
// document.QueryForm.fqf[i].options[z].selected = true;

// }
[to here]


function clearfqf() {
var i;
for (i=0;i<document.QueryForm.fqf.length;i++) {
[comment from here...]
//var z = i;
///if (i >= document.QueryForm.fqf[i].options.length) z =
//document.QueryForm.fqf[i].options[z].selected = true;
[ to here, then add the following line]
document.QueryForm.fqf[i].options[0].selected = true;

(Don't copy the [..] bits, they are just the instructions.)
Then it should all work as requested :-)

If you only want to do this for one collection, then I think it should
work if you copy the entire _formfunctions_ macro into the collections
extra.dm, (collect/collname/macros/extra.dm) preceded by
package query
on its own line. Then make the changes in extra.dm.

Devon Cinnamon wrote:
> Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to show the same search fields
> in form view for all four forms fields available. I would like to set
> the default search field to Title and not have it alternate between
> all my search fields.
> Thank you
> Devon
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