[greenstone-users] Datelist issues

From Julian Fox
DateWed Jun 3 04:03:29 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Datelist issues
Hi list,
Seems to be just my luck; over time I have run into some problems with
the Datelist that I cannot explain.

Currently, I have one collect.cfg for an Italian collection where
datelist works perfectly. In the English collection, even though I have
checked assiduously to ensure that the collect.cfg is identical where it
can be (especially with regard to 1. the classifiers used and 2. the
format strings applied), the datelist does not work - I get nothing!

I simply cannot understand why this is the case. I am using GS 2.80, but
I can't imagine that's the issue. Can anyone throw light on this for me
please? (I would happily provide the collect.cfg file offline, but
really, it works in one case but not the other!) I recall, some months
ago, having a similar problem and solving it only after rebuilding a
collection. Unfortunately the English collection is now so big that I
want to avoid that solution.