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From Belanger, Arthur
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Subject [greenstone-users] complicated format statement
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It looks like you are almost there.

I have not used hierarchy classifiers but I do use azlist classifiers. I do have different displays for top level items than for the final documents. I do a test on the existence of [numleafdocs] as follows:

Display for the upper level nodes,
Display for the bottom node}

I believe all the upper level nodes have [numleafdocs] defined and the bottom node does not. This strategy works for me. Let me know if it works for the hierarchy classifier.
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His list,
Given that format statements beyond the plain-vanilla type can get a
little complicated unless you have a really fine grasp of conditionals
and other statements (which I don't have), I am wondering if someone
could tell me if it is possible how to resolve the following:
- I have an all-image collection (several thousand images) which, other
than manually added title, subject metadata, also draws on the extracted
filesize, width and height metadata.
- what I would like to do is to only have that size/height/width
information visible for the display that includes the thumbnail of the
image. Instead I get the three terms (Filesize: Width: Height:) at
every level. At the final and important level of display they contain
the info required. I'd like to avoid their appearing at the higher
levels. I realise that my format statement is way too simple - it gives
me an end result but it's messy.

The current format statement (at least the part of it that affects the
'Title' vlist, which, by the way is a Hierarchy classifier) is as follows:

<td valign="top">[link][icon][/link]</td>
<td valign="top">[srclink]{Or}{[thumbicon],[srcicon]}[/srclink]</td>
<td valign="top">[highlight]
{Or}{[dc.Title],[exp.Title],[ex.Title],Untitled }[/highlight]</td>
<td>Width: [ex.ImageWidth]<br>Height: [ex.ImageHeight]<br>FileSize:

As you can see from the last line - it will give me what I want at the
point at which the thumbnail displays. But could I prevent it from
affecting the first display when people click on 'Title' to see what
titles they want? Or alternatively, could I get the extratced
information to actually appear at that point instead? Or as well?

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