[greenstone-users] 2.82 - building collection error

From Katherine Don
DateSat Sep 12 07:46:00 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] 2.82 - building collection error
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I think this is probably because the -create_images options is no longer
valid. We removed it assuming that no one was using it, and because the
code for creating images didn't really work. And you don't need to
create images any more as its all done with CSS.

I think you will need to edit your collection's .col file -
collect/photogra/photogra.col - look for the <Build> section and delete
the create_images argument. Make sure the collection is not open in GLI
when you do this.

Then open back up in gli and rebuild. Does it work now?

Were you actually using the create_images functionality?


ju.sun.yi@hawaii.gov wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Not sure if this was addressed in the list, and we couldn't find it in
> the release notes, but we get an error when building the collection in
> GS 2.82. I am not sure if it has to do with having a collection
> created and built in an older version (2.80), which is then copied
> over (the collect folder) into the new version.
> It appears we can add metadata, but once we try to build the
> collection this error message comes up, and when we preview the
> collection the changes we *had* made does not appear. This is the
> error that appears in the Create tab:
> Error: Failed to run: "C:Program
> FilesGreenstonebinwindowsperlbinPerl.exe" -S buildcol.pl
> -removeold "-gli" "-language" "en" "-collectdir" "C:Program
> FilesGreenstonecollect" "-create_images" "photogra"
> Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated,
> Ju Sun Yi, MLISc
> Library Technician
> Hawaii State Archives
> 364 South King Street
> Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
> 808.586.0329
> http://www.hawaii.gov/dags/archives
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