[greenstone-users] Datelist issues

From Katherine Don
DateThu Jun 4 11:44:41 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Datelist issues
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Hi Julian

Have you been building using incremental building? Was it working before
and has stopped after a rebuild? Or has it never worked?

It could be that the classifier is empty, or that your format statement
just doesn't show anything.

Some things to check.
The config file: have you got the date metadata name correct? eg dc.Date
not some translated version.
Is the metadata that you have built the DateList on the same as the date
metadata in your documents? eg one using dc.Date, the other ex.Date?
Check some of your archive files to make sure that the documents do have
the particular date metadata you are using in the classifier.

Check the gdbm database to see if the classifier has been built.

db2txt .../index/text/coll.gdb(ldb, bdb) > out.txt

Look for CLx where x is the position number of the classifier (eg CL2 for
the second one) - is it there, and does it have contents ('contains'

Note that you can rebuild just the gdbm database for the collection
without reindexing.

you need to have the archive files still around.
then run
buildcol.pl -mode infodb collname

It will generate the gdb/ldb file in the building/text directory - copy
that file into index/text.

I cna have a quick look through your config files if you want, if this
doesn't help. Send me them off list, along with a sample archive doc.xml


> Hi list,
> Seems to be just my luck; over time I have run into some problems with
> the Datelist that I cannot explain.
> Currently, I have one collect.cfg for an Italian collection where
> datelist works perfectly. In the English collection, even though I have
> checked assiduously to ensure that the collect.cfg is identical where it
> can be (especially with regard to 1. the classifiers used and 2. the
> format strings applied), the datelist does not work - I get nothing!
> I simply cannot understand why this is the case. I am using GS 2.80, but
> I can't imagine that's the issue. Can anyone throw light on this for me
> please? (I would happily provide the collect.cfg file offline, but
> really, it works in one case but not the other!) I recall, some months
> ago, having a similar problem and solving it only after rebuilding a
> collection. Unfortunately the English collection is now so big that I
> want to avoid that solution.
> Julian
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