[greenstone-users] complicated format statement

From Julian Fox
DateWed Jun 24 03:12:40 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] complicated format statement
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Thanks for the quick response. Diego's came together with yours, so I
tried his out (after an initial blunder due to poor transcription on my
part) and it's producing just about what I was looking for. His will
appear on the list so no need to repeat it here. I just need to be a
bit braver with format statements; it'd be great to have a wide
collection of possibilities somewhere which we could dip into. There
are some around but not enough for the likes of me :-)

Belanger, Arthur wrote:
> Julian,
> It looks like you are almost there.
> I have not used hierarchy classifiers but I do use azlist classifiers. I do have different displays for top level items than for the final documents. I do a test on the existence of [numleafdocs] as follows:
> {If}{[numleafdocs],
> Display for the upper level nodes,
> Display for the bottom node}
> I believe all the upper level nodes have [numleafdocs] defined and the bottom node does not. This strategy works for me. Let me know if it works for the hierarchy classifier.