[greenstone-users] Datalist

From Leo Riesthuis
DateThu Jul 16 00:36:28 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Datalist
Dear All,

Using version 2.82 I have build an image collection from an exploded
CDS/ISIS database. De CDS/ISIS database contains (among others) a Title and
a Date field for both I have a search index and a browsing classifier.

I have 21 record of with the tile start with Indonesia. and 19 who start
with Ecuador..

I can build my collection without any problem until the number of records
reaches 40 or more.

When that happens both the Title and the Data classifier display only a
limited number of records.

The Title classifier show only the Ecuador records and the Data classifier
the Indonesian records (who have earlier dates).

Can anybody tell me why this happens and how I can show all records?


Leo Riesthuis

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