[greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.80 and 2.82

From Renate Morgenstern
DateFri Jul 24 18:45:58 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.80 and 2.82
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Hi again Katherine,
First, thanks for all your help - I appreciate it!
I have another problem.
On our public server for Greenstone on Linux I am using Greenstone
version 2.80.
Previously I was building collections at home on a Windows machine, and
then just copied the collection to the server, and it worked fine.
I now use GS 2.82 and after copying as usual to the server, the public
site collections do show browsing classifiers anymore, and searching
also does not work.
I have then installed GS 2.81 rebuilt the same collection of GS 2.82 and
now it is showing again like usual. It there a incomparability between
the versions?
I am a little bit hesitant to upgrade the Linux GS installation to GS
2.82 because of possible Java problems.


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