[greenstone-users] remote greenstone

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateThu Jul 30 13:03:31 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] remote greenstone
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Hi Renate,

I think I misunderstood your initial problem which you had clearly
described as:
> I am struggling for quite some time now to get Greenstone and Apache
> working on my PC on Windows. It was working before the time and I
> think wih vesion 2.80 it stopped, so I sued the Greesntone server to
> view my collections. But now I have to get it right! Apache is
> running as I can other webfiles in the server's document root.
> URL: http://localhost:8080/gsdl/cgi-bin/library
> I get the following error message:
> Oops!
> The gsdlsite.cfg configuration file does not contain a valid gsdlhome
> entry. gsdlsite.cfg should reside in the same directory as the library
> executable file.

I think you meant that you were using the web library and that that is
what failed to work?

Sorry for misunderstanding the issue.

The problems are likely to be entirely different. And it is indeed the
gsdlsite.cfg file in your cgi-bin folder that needs to be considered.

This is what I would do:

1. Since your value for gsdlhome indicates that your GS2 server is on
Windows, your filepath for gsdlhome might have to contain backslashes,
instead of forward slashes. (I just checked and backslashes are what I
had in my gsdlsite.cfg file for my Windows web library.)

That is, try changing
> gsdlhome "F:/Program Files/Greenstone"
to become
> gsdlhome "F:Program FilesGreenstone"

Try it out now (perhaps stop and restart your standalone Apache web
server to make sure it takes effect) and see how it works.

2. If the server is on Windows, then just double-check that you have
already renamed server.exe to something else, like server.exe.unused.
(If the server were on Linux, ensure that the file gs2-server.sh in the
top level GS2 installation folder has been renamed to something else
like gs2-server.sh.unused.)

3. Stop your standalone Apache web server.
Then go to your Apache web server installation folder (which is your
server for the web library). And in its "conf" folder, find the file
httpd.conf. Open this up in a text editor. Since you expect the server
to be running on port 8080, just check that the line in this httpd.conf
file that starts with "Listen" has the value 8080 associated with it.

Also, go down to the end of the file or thereabouts, where you would
have added the ScriptAlias.

If your cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg file is accurate to your situation, the
ScriptAlias section in your httpd.conf would look something like the
following. Please check the relevant portion of your httpd.conf file
against this:

ScriptAlias /gsdl/cgi-bin "F:/Program Files/Greenstone/cgi-bin"
<Directory "F:/Program Files/Greenstone/cgi-bin">
Options None
AllowOverride None

Alias /gsdl "F:/Program Files/Greenstone"
<Directory "F:/Program Files/Greenstone">
Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Save the httpd.conf file if you made any changes. Start up the Apache
web server again and see if it worked.

Tell us if none of the above helped, I think (hope) that number 1 may do
the trick. Good luck.


P.S. About the local library server:

> I could still use the local server to view collections, but now I
> can't even use the local server anymore - gives a unusual look at the
> collection. When I start up the LLS it automatically uses port 1025.

The local library server automatically selects a port that is free, so
this is actually expected behaviour.

Renate Morgenstern wrote:
> # this file should be placed in the same directory as your library
> # executable file. it defines parameters that are particular to a
> # given site, and therefore should be edited to suit your site.
> # points to the GSDLHOME directory
> # This must be set, and must point to the top level Greenstone directory
> # (usually gsdl or Greenstone)
> gsdlhome "F:/Program Files/Greenstone"
> # this is the http address of GSDLHOME
> # if your webserver's DocumentRoot is set to $GSDLHOME
> # then httpprefix can be commented out
> #httpprefix /greenstone
> httpprefix /gsdl
> # this is the http address of the Greenstone web directory (which contains
> # images, style etc)
> # if your web directory is a top level folder inside $GSDLHOME, then this
> # can remain commented out, and will default to httpprefix/web
> #httpweb /greenstone/web
> # this should contain the http address of the library.cgi script. This
> # is not needed if the http server sets the environment variable
> # Generally this is not needed with Apache
> #gwcgi /greenstone/cgi-bin/library.cgi
> # maxrequests is the most requests a fastcgi process
> # will serve before it exits. This can be set to a
> # low figure (like 1) while debugging and then set
> # to a high figure (like 10000) when everything is
> # working well.
> # Only applies if you are using fastcgi
> maxrequests 10000
> # Remote Greenstone Options (for server side)
> # If Perl is not already on your PATH, set the following to the
> # full path of the perl bin directory (Perl's parent folder)
> # and it will be prepended to the PATH.
> #perlpath /usr/bin
> # Options for FLI
> # If using Greenstone's GLIServer to run the Fedora Librarian
> # Interface (FLI), then you need to set fedora version and fedora home
> # variables, either below, or as environment variables.
> # FEDORA_VERSION is the major version number of Fedora and
> # FEDORA_HOME is the full path to your Fedora installation.
> # Setting fedorahome and fedoraversion here will over-ride the
> # FEDORA_HOME and FEDORA_VERSION environment variables.
> #fedorahome /full/path/to/fedora
> #fedoraversion 3
> # If using Greenstone's GLIServer to run the Fedora Librarian
> # Interface (FLI), then you need to set the full path to Java either as
> below
> # or as the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
> # Setting javahome here will over-ride the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
> #javahome /full/path/to/j2sdk1.4-or-higher