Re: [greenstone-users] Run collection from shared folder (different network)

From Richard Managh
DateThu, 20 Oct 2005 11:59:10 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Run collection from shared folder (different network)
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Hi Henny,

You did not specify the operating systems you were using, but I assumed
you were using modern variations of windows in answering your question.

If you have a lot of bandwidth and your collection size is relatively
small, it may be worth trying simply copying your collection from the
university share installation (from the collect directory) to your local
machine, working on it, and copying it back to the university share when
you are done.


These are the steps I went through to install one version of greenstone,
that was available to be used from two different machines on a windows

1. Downloaded the Greenstone 2.6 windows installer to a remote machine.
This remote machine and my local machine have access to a common network
share. Throughout these steps, think of the remote machine I mention as
your university machine and the local machine as your home computer. I
used the following link to download greenstone 2.6:

2. Mapped a network drive on the remote machine to the network share in
common with my local machine (important). I used a drive letter that
both machines had available (important). In this case I used Y.

3. Installed the Greenstone local library version using the downloaded
installer, on the remote machine (like your university logon). When the
installer asked for a path to install to I entered: Y:Greenstone

4. Went back to local machine (equivalent to your home machine) and
mapped a network drive with the same letter, (Y in this case) to the
same path as Y: is mapped to on the remote machine.

5. I can now run the greenstone installation installed on the remote
machine, from my local machine, by going to the following path:
Y:Greenstone and running server.exe. This worked because greenstone is
at the same path from the point of view of both machines. I can also run
the GLI (Greenstone Librarian Interface) from this path
Y:Greenstonegligli.bat I can also build the collection from the
command line using commands specified in the greenstone documentation.

1. You may of course need to choose another letter than Y to use on both
2. (Important) The performance of running greenstone on the remote
machine from your home machine depends heavily on the speed and
bandwidth of your internet connection. Dial up for example may not be
good enough.

I used a local machine running Windows XP Professional, and a remote
machine is running Windows 2003 Server. But whether these are the same
or different for you, may not matter.

hope this helps,

DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists

Henny Mariane Sutedjo wrote:

>Hi Group,
>I have a local collection in my computer at home. I created a homepage which
>will be the so called "main door" to go to my collection. All of this done
>at my computer at home. My university has given me a shared folder from the
>university server. To access that shared folder from my computer at home, I
>have to login to the university VPN access and mapped that folder (e.g. S
>folder). I have successfully installed Greenstone and ImageMagick at in the
>S drive folder, and also copied my collection (normal copy, folder to folder,
>is this workable?). The problem is, I cannot run Greenstone from S folder,
>everytime I run Greenstone from my computer, it is always pointing to the
>local folder, not the S drive. How do I able to work on the collection at
>S drive from home? Or alternatively can I upload my collection to the Web
>so that it is accessible by the people from different location? I'm on
>Greenstone 2.6. Many thanks for any information.
>Henny M. S.
>M.Sc. Information Studies
>Nanyang Technological University
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