[greenstone-devel] Problem in indexing

From Sandar Win
DateWed, 16 May 2007 09:34:40 +0800
Subject [greenstone-devel] Problem in indexing
Dear Sir,
     I m trying to create DL with text files written by myanmar font, unicode font. When I build with documents in greenstone, i got this kind of error to create indexes "Unable to open ..."
So that i would like to know the greenstone's MG or MGPP can support this myanmar unicode document to index or not. At present, I cannot index and search any things with myanmar unicode documents.
If i want to index my myanmar unicode documents, how should i do?
Here is the error log.

buildcol.pl>     create the weights file
buildcol.pl> mgpp_weights_build.exe : Unable to open "C:Program FilesGreenstonecollectmyanartebuildingidxmyanarte.i"
buildcol.pl>     creating 'on-disk' stemmed dictionary
buildcol.pl> mgpp_invf_dict.exe : Unable to open "C:Program FilesGreenstonecollectmyanartebuildingidxmyanarte.ii"
buildcol.pl>     creating stem indexes
buildcol.pl> BuildDir: C:/Program Files/Greenstone/collect/myanarte/building

Best Regards,