[greenstone-users] Disk space

From Katherine Don
DateFri Oct 15 07:29:47 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Disk space
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HI William

Which tutorial used metadata with spaces? Just geneal tutorials, or is
there something about item files with metadata like that?
In GLI we display a language specific version of a metadata element, eg
dc.Subject and Keywords, but everywhere behind the scenes, eg in
metadata files, it must be the identifier, eg dc.Subject, with no
spaces. The tutorials deal with GLI so use dc.Subject and Keywords.

To get a / in your metadata you can try / (thats backslash, forward
slash, is an escape character). Re accents, if your item file is in
utf8 then it should be fine. If not, please send me (off list) one of
your item files and I'll take a look at the plugin.


On 15/10/2010 4:10 a.m., William Mann wrote:
> Ciao Diego,
> I used the metadata with the spaces because that's the way it was in
> the Greenstone tutorial that I followed but I'll change it to take out
> the spaces.
> You're right, my problem is with the hierarchy classifier. Thanks for
> explaining this to me - I'll be correcting it all now and regenerating
> the collection (this time I'll be using the command line so I can get
> some accurate timing).
> Thanks again for all your help!