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From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 29 Oct 2004 10:21:39 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] how does greenstone handle links
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This is the response I sent to John's question on the developer's list:

Greenstone should handle internal links correctly, provided that the links in the HTML are relative, and the organisation of the documents in the import folder matches the organisation of the website.

You should check that the links in the HTML files in the import folder are relative, not absolute. If you choose "Save As" from a web browser it will save the HTML files with absolute links. To get files with relative links you need to use mirroring software like wget instead.

Version 2.52 of the GLI has a new "Mirror" pane which uses wget to download the pages of a website. You might like to try using this to get the source documents for your collection.



seboko wrote:

Hi there,I want to know if I have a html document, say a book for example, with pages that have links to other pages in the same document. How do I customise greenstone so that the links are not broken. I tried to index a html document with a few pages where some pages have links to other pages but greenstone breaks the links.       
Seboko Moopisa (Mr)
Cape Town
South Africa  

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