[greenstone-users] Creative Commons Licence

From Dominique Babini
DateMon, 18 Oct 2004 10:51:37 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Creative Commons Licence
In July we have downloaded Greenstone and we are in the process of
migrating to Greenstone the full-text documents of our open access Latin
America and the Caribbean Social Science Virtual Library. We have
requested a grant to cover the costs of installing and running Greenstone
in our server, changing formats of our documents to build our Greenstone
collection, customizing the Greenstone library to our needs and building
metadata for the full-texts to be uploaded to Greenstone. Once our
work is finished we will distribute our virtual library built in
Greenstone to 15 of our network members in Latin America so they can
upload in their own servers. The virtual library is open access to the
general public and the distribution to our member institutes is free.
The funding agency requires from us that in the contract of the grant we
specify that the distribution of the software to our member institutes
will be done under a Creative Commons Licence. We know Greenstone uses
GNU GPS but it is not clear to us which Creative Commons Licence
corresponds to us if we are only going to distribute a software which is
developed by Greenstone and customized to our needs, we are not going to
make any changes in the source code, only adapting it to our own needs.
As we have to reply to our granting organization, could we receive a reply
from Greenstone and know about other similar experiences
Thank you,

Dra. Dominique Babini
Coordinadora Area Informaci□n

Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales - CLACSO
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y el Caribe de la red de centros miembros de CLACSO
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