[greenstone-users] Re: translation PT BR auxiliaryUI

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Mar 21 15:05:57 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: translation PT BR auxiliaryUI
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Hello Thiago,

The old error in 2.83 when working on Linux systems that come with Perl
versions 5.10 (or highers) is actually due to there having been
hardcoded references to perl 5.8. The Perl 5.8.9 tar file made available
for download from the Greenstone wiki page does not permanently fix the
solution and has some issues of its own.

Thiago, if it's not too much trouble to try installing another version
of Greenstone, do you think you may wish to try out the new Greenstone
2.84 release candidate?
Better yet is to try out the latest Linux version of the same from
http://www.greenstone.org/caveat-emptor/ (under the section "Greenstone2
Binary Releases"). This contains some bugfixes made since the 2nd
release candidate and is the one we're testing for our final release.

Can you see whether your system Perl interacts more amicably with this
version of Greenstone 2? I suspect it might do so, due to the changes we
had made, but confirmation from your end concerning this would be most

If you do have a look at the tentative 2.84 version, could you, at the
same time, also test whether Java Home is correctly detected this time
or whether you have to adjust the javapath variable manually once more
(as you found you had to do in an earlier e-mail)?


Tico wrote:
> Anupama & Katherine, how are you doing?
> I have made some tests with Greenstone, now that it was compiled inside
> Puppy Linux. It started the GLI interface, but the folder icon wasn't
> available. This is a problem that happened last year, when I was talking
> to Katherine. So I tried the same tests which Katherine told me to do
> last time, after installing *Greenstone wiki's Perl 5.8.9* and *setup.bash*:
> *./gli.sh -debug*
> some Perl modules not found; I had to modify *PERL5LIB*, inside
> *setup.bash*, to include 2 more paths:
> /$GSDLHOME/bin/$GSDLOS/perl/lib/5.8.9
> $GSDLHOME/bin/$GSDLOS/perl/lib/5.8.9/i686-linux-thread-multi/
> This resolved the modules problem, but running *./gli.sh -debug* again
> gives me this:
> /****SAXParseException on LINE NUMBER: 12 (number of lines: 11)
> The parsing error occurred on this line:
> ***********START
> Error is past the last line (11): Compilation failed in require at
> /root/my-applications/Greenstone-2.83/perllib/plugin.pm line 118,
> <POD_DIAG> line 648.
> ***********END
> SAXParseException message: The element type "POD_DIAG" must be
> terminated by the matching end-tag "</POD_DIAG>".
> Debug mode: Exiting the program as there was trouble parsing the XML...
> Done!/
> I also tried to run *import.pl demo* (inside *.../collection/demo*), and
> this is the result:
> //usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error:
> /root/my-applications/Greenstone-2.83/bin/linux/perl/lib/5.8.9/i686-linux-thread-multi/auto/Encode/Encode.so:
> undefined symbol: Perl_Tstack_sp_ptr/
> I hope this information is relevant to the case.
> Thanks again!
> Thiago