Re: [greenstone-users] Using a controlled list for Subjects inQualified Dublin Core

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 08 Mar 2005 15:11:26 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Using a controlled list for Subjects inQualified Dublin Core
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Hi Stephanie,

The GLI doesn't support this ability, sorry. The values in the value
tree at the bottom right of the Enrich Pane are read from the
metadata.xml files in the collection, every time the collection is
loaded. If you know Java (or someone who does) it probably wouldn't be
too hard to hack this into the GLI. It doesn't really fit the GLI's
metadata model though so it might not be pretty.

Thanks for letting us know about the XML validation problems, we'll have
to investigate those.



Stephanie Dal Pra wrote:

>I'm trying to build a collection containing a number
>of documents. We want to have a controlled list of
>Keywords from which authors can choose when they add
>documents to the collection, preferibly using the GLI.
>Is this possible?
>I am using the lastest release of Greenstone (2.53)
>and tried adding an <OptionList><Value> element (I've
>included the code below), but the value doesn't show
>and I can't seem to find any documentation on how to
>accomplish this.
>Also, I had to edit the DTD for Qualified Dublin Core
>(in ../gli/metadata/) quite a bit to get it to
>validate in XML Spy...
>Any help is greatly appreciated!
>Stephanie Dal Pra
>***********DUBLIN CORE MEDATADATA CODE**********
><Element name="Subject" remember_values="true">
> <!-- English -->
> <Language code="en">
> <Attribute name="identifier">Subject and
> <Attribute name="definition">The topic of
>the content of the resource.</Attribute>
> <Attribute name="comment">Typically, a
>Subject will be expressed as keywords, key phrases or
>classification codes that describe a topic of the
>resource. Recommended best practice is to select a
>value from a controlled vocabulary or formal
>classification scheme.</Attribute>
> </Language>
> <!-- Non-language specific -->
> <Attribute name="version">1.1</Attribute>
> <Attribute language="en"
>name="registration_authority">Dublin Core Metadata
> <Attribute
> <Attribute name="datatype">Charater
> <Attribute
> <Element name="other">
> <Language code="en">
> <Attribute
> <Attribute name="definition">May use
>for concept terms generated from documents using rule
>set such as only physical artifacts.</Attribute>
> </Language>
> </Element>
><OptionList restricted="true">
> </Element>
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