Re: [greenstone-devel] [greenstone-users] Is browse action supported?

From Erik Hetzner
DateFri, 08 Jul 2005 12:39:26 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] [greenstone-users] Is browse action supported?
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Dear Michael,

Many thanks for your response. I was a bit confused because I had been
doing some searching through the receptionist code & had traced back
stuff that I wanted to modify to browsetools.cpp; this, however, seems
to be different from browseaction.cpp. I became interested in looking at
browseaction, however, since it seemed like it might be helpful.
However, if it is not supported than I don't think I'll go into it.
Since I couldn't find any info about it I figured it was probably not used.

Perhaps you could give me an idea as to the feasibility of something I'm
trying to do, however. (I'll cc this to greenstone-devel ast well) The
people I'm putting together a digital library for wanted to have the
hlistbrower on the bottom of the page in a classification as well as the
top. I managed to get hlistbrowserclass::output_section_group to create
a macro with the data rather than output it to the page. However this
now only works at the bottom of the page, as the macro is defined too
late to be displayed at the top. Is this a useful line of attack or do
you think that I will get stuck doing this sort of thing? Following the
function calls that output classifiers is a bit difficult. I hope this
makes some amount of sense. Please excuse my ignorance of C++; I do my
best but I don't claim to have any real understanding of it.

Erik Hetzner