[greenstone-users] Building error

From Sébastien uyttenhoef
DateSat, 12 May 2007 10:09:53 +0000
Subject [greenstone-users] Building error


I don't understand very well your response...

1) The warming message indicates the values of metadata of those docs are
empty, so the classification based on this metadata can not be performed.
You can check the metadata value form the enrich panel of the GLI.

Of course, there is a value in each metadata (Title and Author) and also for each document. I have checked!! But the error is still... Have you got another response about my problem?

2) You need to check whether the XML parser works properly. Go to the GSDL
home from the console, and run commands below:

source setup.bash   (Linux: setup the GSDL envrionment)
classinfo.pl -xml -listall

setup.bat           (windows: setup the GSDL envrionment)
perl -S classinfo.pl -xml -listall

If the XML parser works well, you will get a list of all classifies in the
XML form.

I have done this and I have the list of all classifier but I don't understand how to resolve the mistake... What the solution of the problem?? I have uninstall the software but there is still

what must I do??

Thanks for your help



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