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DateThu, 2 Nov 2006 11:47:29 +1300 (NZDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] installing
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Hello Anthea,

The java version needs to be 1.4 or higher.

Try runing "java" command in a console, if it outputs a list of java usage
options, Greenstone should be able to find it. If not, check whether the
"path" variable has been set up properly for java: on Windows, run "echo
%path%", on linux, "echo $PATH" or similar.
Add an java entry if there is no entry pointing to java_install_path/bin
or java_install_path/jre/bin:
Windows: set path=%path%;java_install_path/bin
Linux: export PATH=$PATH:java_install_path/bin

Alternatively, You can set JAVA_HOME variable
Windows: set JAVA_HOME=java_install_path/bin
Linux: export JAVA_HOME=java_install_path/bin

Hope it helps


> hello,
> I'm trying to run greenstone, but no matter which
> version of java i install it says it can't find it.
> which version am i supposed to have?
> thanks,
> anthea
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