[greenstone-users] Greenstone Error

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateTue Apr 20 17:23:47 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone Error
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Hi Chris,

Although the problem you described is not one I have seen so far, what I
would do is to
1. exit the error popup dialog and then
2. visit your Greenstone home page and try to see whether your
collection appears.

If your collection was successfully built, as was indicated during the
build process, it would have been put up on your Greenstone server
properly. (In such a case, it may, for instance, merely turn out to be
the previewing operation that is acting up and that we need to look into
to work out what's going wrong there.)

A couple more questions: what version of Greenstone are you working with
and what's the operating system you are running it on?


Chris Wright wrote:
> I am having difficulty with Greenstone. When I click "build collection,"
> the program runs it as successful, however, when I try to
> preview the collection an error window pops up that says:
> http://localhost:80/gsdl?c=wrightc&l=en&a=p&p=about&up=1270678156739
> <http://localhost/gsdl?c=wrightc&l=en&a=p&p=about&up=1270678156739>
> Application not found
> I tried looking through all the FAQ's, tutorials, and help guides but I
> cannot figure out why this keeps happening. If anyone has any
> suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it.
> Thank you,
> Chris Wright
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