[greenstone-users] Translation

From Mendbayar
DateThu, 18 Nov 2004 13:20:51 +0800
Subject [greenstone-users] Translation


I want to translate GSDL 2.52 User and Administration interface into Mongolian. I have installed GLP for 2.52 but Translator’s interface does’nt appear. Then i tried to translate manually in following order:


  1. I’ve created macro files /macro/mongol.dm, mongol2.dm
  2. Edited main.cfg.


Added mongol2.dm mongol.dm (translated in Unicode format) files into macrofiles

   Language shortname=mn "longname=Mongol (Mongolian)" default_encoding=utf-8 ( or windows-1251?)


  1. Translated image files and put them in images/mn folder

4.    Added following tanslations in .bat files: if "%GSDLLANG%" == "mn" echo translated words here


  How to appear Translator’s interface and what i missed?


Thank you