Re: [greenstone-users] Run greenstone+GLI on a USB drive

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 05 Aug 2005 09:59:06 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Run greenstone+GLI on a USB drive
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Hi Stephen,

>Forgive me if this seems odd - but does anyone have any ideas on if
>greenstone and the GLI could be run off a usb drive?
>Carrying around my personal collection (and various test collections)
>on my 512MB flash keyring. - (see the portable Firefox project
> for a similar
Interesting concept!

One problem that you'd face is that Greenstone requires absolute paths
in a few files -- setup.bat and cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg, for example.
Unless your USB drive will be mounted as the same drive on every
computer you connect it to, you will need to set these paths for each
machine. A little script could take care of this for you, which you'd
run once after connecting the drive to a new machine.

>I'm just thinking about it at the moment - and I think the main
>barrier would be java for the GLI - I'm not sure if the jvm can run
>off an external drive.
On Windows this will depend on whether Java requires registry entries --
and I think it does. Greenstone itself also adds some registry entries
for the Cygwin programs (wvWare etc.). You probably don't want to add
these to each computer you connect your drive to, so this would be a
problem also.

>PS If it's not too silly - the idea of running a greenstone
>onstallation on my phone is even more attractive. It has a colour
>screen, 128 mb memory, a small webserver(true) and the Opera browser
>already installed. Too weird perhaps...
Students here have done projects in the past with Greenstone and
small-screen devices. However they have focussed on getting Greenstone
to look "nice" with only a small amount of screen real-estate, rather
than actually getting Greenstone to run on the devices. I imagine this
would be non-trivial!

All the best,


>>Hi Jonathan,
>>You can make it use the "Default browser" by setting browser=3 in the
>>gsdlsite.cfg file.
>>>By the way, I was planning to make the CD with an autorun starting the
>>>server.exe (without any installer) with the following gsdlsite.cfg content:
>>>I did take out the gsdlhome, gdbmhome and browserexe lines. It seams to work.
>>>Any advise about doiing this? Is there any special risk associated with this
>>Making a "no installation" CD-ROM has been done in the past
>>successfully. Here is a posting by Jeremy Mears describing how he got it
>>to work:
>-----copied from above URL---------
>>From Jeremy Mears
>DateMon, 28 Jun 2004 22:06:06 +1000
>Subject [greenstone-users] How to build a "run off CD" collection
>My current project needs to be run off the CD, with nothing being
>installed on the host PC. A lot of places nowadays don't let users
>install anything on their local drive, so i came up with a way for the
>library to run off the CD.
>Here's how i got it working:
>Export the collection as normal.
>Navigate to the tmp directory and the exported collection.
>Move the autorun.inf file into the gsdl directory.
>Open the autorun.inf with Notepad and change Setup.exe to server.exe.
>Make sure there's no cfgsite file in the gsdl folder, if there is
>delete it.
>Burn just the gsdl directory and it's contents, not the rest of the
>It should look like this:
>Seems to work so far. Insert the cd into a pc and it'll launch the
>server,exe and ask you to enter the library. No installing necessary.
>It's not as fast as the installed version, but hey it works. What i
>was doing wrong before was including the cfgsite doc on the CD. I
>guess it was referring back to the tmp directory on my hard disk. With
>it gone i guess it just looks in the local directory.
>hope that helps
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