[greenstone-users] Putting ebooks in a Greenstone Library

From Greenstone Team
DateThu Sep 1 15:32:14 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Putting ebooks in a Greenstone Library
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Hi Andrew,

While there aren't any *custom* plugins for these ebook formats, there
is a *generic* plugin that will allow you to include these files in your
library. It is called the UnknownPlugin and its use is demonstrated in
the Greenstone tutorial at

Go down to the section "Using UnknownPlugin". It shows how Greenstone
can work with MIDI files without a specialised MIDIPlugin. You will want
to do something similar to include your ebook files in the collection.

In that part of the tutorial it speaks of MIME-types. You may wish to
specify MIME type information for your ebook formats too. It's my
understanding that the MIME type indicates what type of file (content) a
datastream is, which information I think is used to help in transfer
(downloading) of files over the web.

To discover the "MIME type" of the particular types of files you are
working with, I suggest searching Google.

1. epub files:
says that "application/epub+zip" is the MIME type for .epub files, while
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPUB mentions the mimetypes of various
components in an epub file.

2. mobipocket files:

- for mobipocket files with the extension .mobi, the MIME type is:
as per http://oldbugs.calibre-ebook.com/ticket/3869

- for .prc mobipocket files, the MIME type is mentioned as:
at http://www.filesuffix.com/extension/prc.html

Once you've finished building your collection with .epub and .mobi
files, test out that the downloads of the original files work. You
should be able to save these files and open them up again in your usual


Andrew Watson wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wanting to include some ebooks (.mobi and .epub files) in a
> Greenstone Library. It didn't let me and I couldn't find any related
> plugins. Is there a way to put ebooks in the library that I missed?
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