Re: [greenstone-users] New installation -- can't get in as admin user

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 01 Nov 2004 17:06:16 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] New installation -- can't get in as admin user
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Hi Greg,

Sorry to hear you've had trouble installing Greenstone on Linux... is there anything in particular that could be done/documented better?

You can change the "admin" user password by following these steps:

1. Source setup.bash in the gsdl directory
2. In the gsdl/etc directory, run db2txt users.db >users.db.txt
3. Run getpw, and enter your desired password (twice)
4. Copy the output of the getpw program over the password entry for the admin user in the users.db.txt file
5. Run cat users.db.txt | txt2db users.db to write the new users.db file

Note that you don't actually use this admin user for much... you don't need it for building collections with the GLI, for example.



"Gregory S. Williamson" wrote:

> After a fair amount of flailing I have got a linux version running with an Apache 2 server. I can browse the demo collection quite happily, but I really need to be doing more.
> Alas, the person who set this up is gone and the transcript of the install doesn't save the password ...
> Any way to work with this other than reinstalling Greenstone ?
> Off-line mail is welcome ... i can see not sharing this info but i am very wary of reinstalling gsdl -- been quite an excursion.
> Thanks!
> Greg Williamson
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