[greenstone-users] Use of Client in Greenstone

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateWed Mar 18 16:40:45 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Use of Client in Greenstone
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Hello Abiodun,

> what is the use of client.

Do you mean the GLI, or the remote GLI client?

The Greenstone server serves the web pages--the documents in your
collections, whereas the client application allows you to create
collections. The client application makes use of scripts that can also
be run from the command line.

1. GLI (Greenstone Librarian Interface) is an application that allows
you to collect documents and build them. Although importing and building
documents into a collection is also possible from your DOS prompt (or
Linux terminal), the GLI application has a graphical user interface
which makes things easier. Instead of remembering commands to type on
the DOS prompt command-line and remembering their arguments, you can
just point and click with GLI.

2. The client-GLI application is for connecting to a remote Greenstone
server--one where the Greenstone server is set up on a different machine
from the one where you are running the client-GLI application from. It
offers nearly all the features of GLI, but lets you create new
collections and manipulate existing collections on a remote machine. In
order to do so, you would need to set up your Greenstone server such
that it is remotely accessible, then you can use the client-GLI
application to connect to it and work with the collections on the remote

For more information on how to setup your Greenstone server as a Remote
Greenstone server, please see


Abiodun Iyun wrote:
> Dear Colleague
> I am new in greenstone users list, please what is the use of client.
> Iyun, Abiodun
> National Library of Nigeria
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