[greenstone-users] Re: Remote Greenstone Server Error

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateFri Mar 5 18:14:38 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Remote Greenstone Server Error
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Hi Yohannes,

The error message (Per_TStack) reminds me of a perl version
incompatibility we had encountered here when using Ubuntu as well. The
version of perl it was finding on the system was 5.10, but the perl
scripts had some issues with that, so we needed to use Perl 5.8.* (we
used 5.8.9 to get it to work on the Ubuntu we tested it on).

What's the version of perl on your server machine? You can type the
following in a terminal to find out:
> perl -version

If your perl version is 5.10, can you try the instructions at:

Please tell us if that doesn't work.
All the best and regards,

Yohannes Mulugeta wrote:
> Hello, I'm asking this question after unsuccessful attempt to use the
> remote greenstone gli-client-2.83 to access and build greenstone
> server (version 2.83) installed and configured on Linux (ubuntu 9.10).
> I have fixed the GLI (local) problem associated with perl version as
> per the 2.83 release guideline. My problem is when i try to log into
> the server from a remote win machine using the gli-client-2.83. I have
> followed the instruction at the wiki to configure a remote greenstone.
> I have done this on version 2.80 and still we are using it. Here is
> the error message:
> ERROR: perl failed: perl -S pluginfo.pl -listall -language "en" -xml 2>&1
> ---
> and there are other error messages ... I have attached the whole
> message as an image file. Any idea please?
> Regards,
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