Re: [greenstone-users] accents in metadata

From Dominique Babini
DateMon, 06 Dec 2004 13:55:52 -0300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] accents in metadata
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Thank you VERY much Tod for your kind help, we will start working on it

Tod Olson <> escribe:
>>>>>> "DB" == Dominique Babini <> writes:
>DB> What change do we have to make so that our users can search a word
>DB> indistinctly with or without accents in the metadata fields
>DB> (spanish has a lot of accents!!!!).
>We had the same problem in Chopin Early Editions
>( lots of diacritics, but lot of
>users with US keyboards. The problem was addressed by processing the
>metadata in the GSAF files. Not ideal, but it required no
>modifications to the indexing engine.
>The idea is that from any metadata field, you can create a parallel
>version of the field that is modified to suit your search criteria.
>The modified version of the metadata is used for indexing, and the
>original is used for display. Here's some real title metadata;
> <Metadata name="Title">Prélude en ut dièse mineur, op. 45</Metadata>
>After the GSAF files are created, we run them through a filter which
>looks for certain metadata fields, like Title, creates a new field
>with "Idx" appended to the name and all the diacritics stripped out:
> <Metadata name="TitleIdx">Prelude en ut diese mineur, op. 45</Metadata>
>So if you title search the collection for the string "Prelude en ut
>diese mineur", the engine will match on the TitleIdx field above, but
>the search results format string displays the Title field.
>In your case, you might consider putting both forms of the Title, with
>and without diacritics, into the TitleIdx:
> <Metadata name="Title">Prélude en ut dièse mineur, op. 45
> Prelude en ut diese mineur, op. 45</Metadata>
>This idea adapts pretty broadly to various forms of metadata. For
>example, in the same collection, someone searching for scores
>published in London should also match Londres, so we do something
>similar for the place of publication, providing all spelling of the
>city that occur in the collection.
>There are two flaws to this approach: it may mess up the relevance
>rankings, and it does not work for the full-text index.
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