Re: [greenstone-users] dates

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 18 Dec 2003 07:09:07 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] dates
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Hi Linda

Yes, having no textual documents would be a problem. (I never thought to ask what kinds of documents you were working with :-)  ) The extract_historical_years stuff goes through the text and pulls out things that look like dates, eg 1999, 16th century etc.
However, the range searching works on Coverage metadata, so if you add that to your images then it should work. I think Coverage should contain just year info, like 1999, 2000 etc, one year per metadata item, and you can have many Coverage metadata elements per document/image.

Katherine Don

"Newman, Linda (newmanld)" wrote:

Katherine -- Thank you again for your response!

I had already tried a variation with "-extract_historical_years" as an
option with the HTMLPlug, with no change in results.  However, maybe the
crux of the problem here is that I am not working with documents, but with
images.  For each image (jpgs) I have metadata information that includes a
date field, but there are no documents per se.  The date index and the
datelist classifier are both working from the date field in the metadata
files.  Is it possible to get the date range search to work from the date
field in the metadata files, rather than a date field coming from documents?
Or, can I generate documents from the metadata?