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From Debjani Saha
DateThu, 25 Oct 2007 22:54:31 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Richard Managh,
Thanking you for your reply and help. My agrovoc database format is in mysql format. Mainly I would like to use it with Phind phrase browsing for searching. I had installed WAMP (Windows - Apache - MySQL- PHP5) in my c drive and  constructed the thesaurus taking agrovac from FAO. I have opened <GSDLHOME>/etc/packages/example.dbi. But I am not clear what next I have to do. Kindly help me.

Richard Managh <> wrote:
Hi Debjani,

Debjani Saha wrote:
I am in badly need of your help to complete my project. I have constructed a thesaurus in agrovoc format which I would like to integrate to my  green stone collection.
I posted Mail in Greenstone mailing lists earlier. But, did not get satisfactory response. I also went through Tutorial, but, could not find out solution of my problem. Under such circumstances, I have been forced to request you all again to help me to solve my problem.
How exactly do you want to integrate the thesaurus into your greenstone collection? Do you want it to be a resource to aid the user in choosing search terms? Or do you want it simply browseable in your collection?

If your thesaurus is in a relational database format, you could try using DBPlug as a starting point to importing it into your collection. According to the DBPlug file:

# A plugin that imports records from a database. This uses perl's DBI module,
# which includes back-ends for mysql, postgresql, comma separated values (CSV),
# MS Excel, ODBC, sybase, etc... Extra modules may need to be installed to
# use this. See <GSDLHOME>/etc/packages/example.dbi for an example config file.

I looked at the agrovoc database on the site and they appear to make it available in a number of formats, i.e. mysql, postgres, iso2709 etc.

What format is your agrovoc database in? perhaps DBPlug with some configuration could be used to import it?



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