Re: [greenstone-users] Spam

From John R. McPherson
DateThu, 9 Oct 2003 20:59:03 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Spam
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On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 09:31:01AM +0200, Rene Schrama wrote:
> Hi,

> I just subscribed yesterday and I'm already on someone's
> spamlist. What would be the proper procedure if I want to file a
> complaint?

> > From: "DataNZ" <>
> > To: <>
> > Subject: Low-cost digitising

I don't think they got your email address from the greenstone mailing
list. We have it set up so that only the list administrator (ie me) can
see the addresses that are subscribed. Also, we are careful to not
show senders' email addresses in our greenstone archives collection
on the web site.

If the message headers indicate that the message really is from,
you could complain to and forward them the whole message
including the headers, but in my experience xtra (NZ's biggest ISP) haven't
been very responsive to spam complaints.

John McPherson