[greenstone-users] help with macros

From Laurent Birba
DateThu Apr 21 02:39:50 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] help with macros
Hello everyone,

I□m currently working on a new design for our greenstone based digital
collection, and I□ve met an issue with the _about:numdocs_ wich I would like
to use in others pages than the about.

In the doc, it□s said if you want to reference a macro, just do this :
_package:macroname_, but in my case, I don□t find any way to use the
_about:numdocs_ in my other package.

Does someone have met this problem, and/or have a solution ?

I already try to create a new macro in the package Global, with the value of
the _about:numdocs_ then use it in my page, still doesn□t work.

When I said don□t work, I mean it□s only display the text _about:numdocs_

We are on a gsdl2.81 on linux.

Laurent Birba

Service Commun de la Documentation

Universit□ des Antilles et de la Guyane

tel : 0596 72 73 51


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