[greenstone-users] Preview command

From John Rose
DateTue Apr 5 19:42:33 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Preview command
Thanks, Anupama, I tried to preview after setting the Preview Command as
you recommend with and without quotes and in both cases Firefox tries to
access at:


and gives an error message saying it cannot find the file at that address.

Library Path is http://localhost:8282/greenstone/cgi-bin/library.cgi

and Collection Director is home/john/Greenstone/collect/

Waiting for further advice, thanks and best regards, John

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> Hello,
> When running GLI, go to File > Preferences > Connection.
> In the Preview Command field you will want to type the command necessary
> to launch your browser, and this needs to be suffixed with %1 (put %1 in
> quotes if there are spaces in the Greenstone installation path). On
> Linux, Firefox for instance can be launched by running the command
> "firefox" from a terminal. So that is the command we would want.
> - On Ubuntu and other Linux, try: firefox %1
> If there are spaces in your path, try: firefox "%1"
> Otherwise pick whatever command launches the browser of your choice from
> a linux x-term. Then copy and paste that command into GLI's and append
> %1 to the end of that command.
> - On Mac, the Preview Command field needs to contain: open %1
> If there are spaces in your path, try: open "%1"
> This should launch the default browser on your Mac machine.
> - On Windows, it seems to have automatically done the right thing for me
> here. The Preview Command field contains: cmd.exe /c start "" "%1"
> I don't recall setting the Windows one, but on Linux I have had to
> regularly change this over from the settings for the Mac and vice-versa
> (since both the machines are networked and use the same home account,
> thereby using the same GLI configuration file).
> > For Waikato colleagues: this is the sort of basic thing that should
> be somewhere on the wiki for people who do not really know their OS.
> Thanks and best regards, John
> I'll update the Greenstone 2.84 release notes with the above.
> Thanks for informing us of this. Try out the Linux suggestion above and
> see if that works. And please tell us if you have any further difficulties.
> Regards,
> Anupama
> John Rose wrote:
>> Hi, I have just installed version 2.84 on Ubuntu 10.04 and was
>> pleasantly surprised that GLI works right off (I had not got around to
>> finding out how to do it with 2.83, apparently Perl problem that has
>> been fixed).
>> But when I want to preview the collection I get the message "Enter the
>> command for opening the program to view collection preview. Remember
>> to use %1 as the placeholder for the collection address, and to use
>> speechmarks where necessary." How do I put in the %1 and the
>> speechmarks to go directly to the collection to be previewed (tried
>> /home/john/Greenstone/gs2-server.sh %1 with and without quotes).
>> For Waikato colleagues: this is the sort of basic thing that should be
>> somewhere on the wiki for people who do not really know their OS.
>> Thanks and best regards, John


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