[greenstone-users] Replace About Page with Browser Page

From Dwight Martin
DateWed Feb 25 22:18:11 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Replace About Page with Browser Page
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I have improved on this a bit. I have removed the Detach/Highlight buttons
by changing the format statement. But I still can't get the correct icon to
show up. It defaults to a folder icon when I want it to use the bookshelf
icon that Greenstone normally uses.

Is this a bug in Greenstone or is there a way I can do this in a format
statement? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I want to show the first classifier (Subjects) as the default page rather
than the About Page when you enter a collection.
To try to do this I have changed the last line of the collect.cfg to:

receptionist gsdl?a=d&d=CL1&c=MIS&l=en

This sort of works. Because the page that comes up looks a little different
than the actual classifier (Subjects) page. It has added Detach/Highlight
buttons into the page and it used a folder icon rather than the bookshelf
icon that is displayed on the Subjects page.

Is there a format statement I can change to make this look right? Or is
there a better way of doing this