[greenstone-users] Datelist!

From Diego Spano
DateFri Feb 13 01:11:09 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Datelist!
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Julian, please take a look at any of the doc.xml files that you have in
archives folder. Edit one of them and try to identify if Date metadata was
extracted and it if was in the right format: yyyymmdd.

Hope this helps.


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I really am beaten on this one. Even if someone could help me off list
I'd be glad of any insight here. I've spent two days trying to resolve
the issue and I'm completely baffled.
Problem: a collection (called 'English' because I have 30 different
languages) shows nothing under the 'Date' heading. Other collections
with the same config file other than minor changes which don't count for
this issue do show the dates as they ought.
Attempted resolution (1): I created a second collection based on one of
those where date was working and called it English1. Same result.
Datelist not working
Attempted resolution (2): I created a second collection based on
nothing, and put in the same set of classifiers that work for the other
ones with the same details. result? Datelist not working.
This does not make sense to me. The only thing I can think of at the
moment is that a file in the collection (a large collection) is causing
the problem, but nothing in the log gives me any clue. The fail.log
indicates several files that weren't converted, but in a large
collection that's entirely possible and I don't think any of them have
anything to do with the date problem.
Obviously I'm happy to send someone the config file, but I'm also pretty
certain there's nothing wrong with it!

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