[greenstone-users] RV: Deleting a document with Lucene

From Diego Spano
DateSat Feb 7 07:20:37 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] RV: Deleting a document with Lucene
Hi List,

I want to delete a document from a Lucene collection. After taking a look to
/perlib/arcinfo.pm file I find that there are 4 options for the indexer:

# File format read in: OID <tab> Filename <tab> Optional-Index-Status

# Index status can be:

# I = Index for the first time

# R = Reindex

# D = Delete

# B = Been indexed

I edit collection/tesis/archive/archive.inf and change the letter for a
document I want to delete from B (it was yet indexed) to D and run
incremental index, but the document still appears in the index and in

Does that option really exists?

Thanks a lot


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