[greenstone-users] datelist 'solution' may help others

From Julian Fox
DateTue Feb 17 00:18:54 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] datelist 'solution' may help others
Hi list,
In first place many thanks to Diego Spano who hops between the English
and Spanish list, and was helpful in an indirect way with this problem.
In an earlier post I indicated that the datelist classifier appeared to
be thrown out of a large collection - the task was to discover why. I
sent Diego the cfg file for the collection and a file or two at random
and he built it without difficulty - with the datelist showing. That at
least confirmed that the configuration was not in error. So I rebuilt
the entire collection (approximately 1,000 items) piece by piece. Oddly
enough, other than a couple of failed conversions as error messages -
and I removed those files - there were no other error messages which
would give a clue. I finally identified 14 files any one of which, and
it did appear to be random, would cause the datelist to disappear
sometimes but not at other times.
It turns out that all 14 files were introduced at the same time and were
a mixture of doc and ppt so we can't put it down to a fault with one or
other format in particular.
I removed all 14 and reintroduced them by ftp once more - problem solved.
It was a solution but I'd be no closer to knowing exactly why the
problem arose in the first place. The possibilities are:
(1) The datelist classifier is a bit sensitive - my date format was
2000-01 (without a dd). Diego suggests it might have been better to use
the full yyyy-mm-dd, though personally I've had no problem with yyyy-mm
in thousands of other cases.
(2) The ftp process (my server lies elsewhere) fouled up somehow. I'm
not sure how it might have fouled up since the files themselves were fine.
(3) Something went wrong that day with GLI when the files were converted
(4) Microsoft had a bad day - they were all MS files. I'm joking of course.
But the best lesson, really is - never give up! GS seems capable of
overcoming most problems with a little kind human help!