[greenstone-users] 'document' in other languages

From Katherine Don
DateWed Feb 18 11:52:09 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] 'document' in other languages
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Hi Julian

I have fixed the TranslatePane so that Document and Section appear for
Translation. Yes, it was just an oversight.

If you are using the latest Greenstone (2.81), then please copy the
attached file into greenstone/gsdl/gli/src/org/greenstone/gatherer/cdm
and recompile the gli. (I haven't tried this file in 2.81, only in
latest svn version, but I think it should work).

If you are using an older version, then I am not sure if it will work or


Julian Fox wrote:
> Hi list,
> Two discoveries and a question, if I may.
> (1) discovery: I have long wanted to translate two terms in the
> 'Translate Text' pane, for various languages. It appeared for some
> time that I was unable to do so since the two terms, 'Document' and
> 'Section', did not appear in that pane (under features) nor anywhere
> else in the interface, at least as far as I could see. I wanted to
> translate them into a variety of languages, since these two terms
> appear in the search bar in a number of my collections. Last night,
> looking for a resolution to another problem in my collect.cfg files
> (see below), I tried simply adding the line 'collectionmeta .document
> [l=x] "yyyyyyyy" (x meaning the relevant language and y that
> language's equivalent term for 'Document') to the config file. That
> solved the problem, and similarly for the term 'Section'.
> My question is why this did not appear in the Translate Text pane and
> if this could be remedied in the future if it is a small oversight. In
> the meantime anyone else working with various languages can use the
> approach I have just described.
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