[greenstone-users] datelist 'solution' may help others

From Katherine Don
DateWed Feb 25 11:53:37 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] datelist 'solution' may help others
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Hi Julian

This sounds weird! Particularly since you have re-added all the
documents and the date list is fine.
Were you using incremental building?


Julian Fox wrote:
> Hi list,
> In first place many thanks to Diego Spano who hops between the English
> and Spanish list, and was helpful in an indirect way with this problem.
> In an earlier post I indicated that the datelist classifier appeared
> to be thrown out of a large collection - the task was to discover
> why. I sent Diego the cfg file for the collection and a file or two
> at random and he built it without difficulty - with the datelist
> showing. That at least confirmed that the configuration was not in
> error. So I rebuilt the entire collection (approximately 1,000 items)
> piece by piece. Oddly enough, other than a couple of failed
> conversions as error messages - and I removed those files - there were
> no other error messages which would give a clue. I finally identified
> 14 files any one of which, and it did appear to be random, would cause
> the datelist to disappear sometimes but not at other times.
> It turns out that all 14 files were introduced at the same time and
> were a mixture of doc and ppt so we can't put it down to a fault with
> one or other format in particular.
> I removed all 14 and reintroduced them by ftp once more - problem solved.
> It was a solution but I'd be no closer to knowing exactly why the
> problem arose in the first place. The possibilities are:
> (1) The datelist classifier is a bit sensitive - my date format was
> 2000-01 (without a dd). Diego suggests it might have been better to
> use the full yyyy-mm-dd, though personally I've had no problem with
> yyyy-mm in thousands of other cases.
> (2) The ftp process (my server lies elsewhere) fouled up somehow. I'm
> not sure how it might have fouled up since the files themselves were
> fine.
> (3) Something went wrong that day with GLI when the files were converted
> (4) Microsoft had a bad day - they were all MS files. I'm joking of
> course.
> But the best lesson, really is - never give up! GS seems capable of
> overcoming most problems with a little kind human help!
> Julian
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