[greenstone-users] Re: Lucene indexer

From Katherine Don
DateWed Jun 24 12:12:39 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Lucene indexer
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Hi Renate

I have just tried this using my current version of Greenstone (not
2.81). It seems to work fine. no changes to collect.cfg needed (other
than the switch of buildtype to lucene).

Last week we fixed a bug to do with Lucene indexing. The lines of text
were being concatenated with no space in between, which meant that the
first word on one line was appended to the last word on the previous
line. So searching for these two words would not work.

Do you think this could be your problem? Are you getting no searches
done at all? or just some are coming back empty?

If nothing is working, then probably it can't run lucene at runtime.
What os are you doing this on?
Are you using apache? can you check the apache log after a search - are
there error messages? eg can't find java/perl, or can't find lucenewrapper?
also check the greenstone error.txt file in etc in case there is any
error message there.

Have you had any other collections work using lucene?


Renate Morgenstern wrote:
> Hi Katherine,
> I am coming back regarding the problems we have using the Lucene
> indexer which produces 0 search terms. Howeve, when I change to MGPP
> it is OK. I am attaching a file which is mailbox and using the email
> plugin to process it. I am still using Version 2.81.
> Let me know what is wrong in my configuration.
> Below is the collect.cfg file.
> Thanks
> Renate
> =========================