[greenstone-users] I have some questions when using Greenstone 2.82

From Anna Huang
DateMon Jun 15 09:50:56 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] I have some questions when using Greenstone 2.82
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Hi Nick,

Greenstone doesn't use images for classifier buttons anymore. CSS is used

Text shown with these buttons are defined in the language macro files. For
your example, the text (Kiểu) is defined in the macro file for the
Vietnamese language. Go to the macros folder in your Greenstone
installation, open the vietnamese.dm file there and search for
Types. Please note that if you change Kiểu to Loại here,
this will affect all the collections in your Greenstone library--all the
"types" classifiers will use Loại when switched to Vietnamese
language interface.

The font is defined in the style.css file in web/style folder. Find
div.navbar, which defines the style of navigation buttons, including font
and font sizes. For example, change the following line
font-family: sans-serif, arial, helvetica;
font-family: serif;

and restart Greenstone library if you are on Windows. The buttons should
use a slightly different font now.


> Before I used Greenstone version 2.62 to create a collection, now I learn
> and use the Greenstone version 2.82rc have some questions:
> 1. The icon in the folder "Images" in version 2.62
> Previously in this directory have the icon used in the Browsing
> Classifiers to create access points (eg icon "ttitlgr.gif", "ttitlof.gif",
> "ttitlon.gif"), but I don□t know where it is in the version 2.82
> Because now there are some icon are not in the same between Vietnamese and
> English icon, for example: the English have icon types, the corresponding
> icon with Vietnamese style. I see icon □Ki□u□ is not correct but is
> icon □Lo□i□ (icon □Lo□i tài li□u□) and what font can I
> design this icon. (Figure)
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