[greenstone-devel] Using the DC qualified in "format Documenttext"

From Katherine Don
DateTue Sep 1 13:59:33 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Using the DC qualified in "format Documenttext"
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metadata elements have an identifier name eg dc.Identifier, then a
display name eg dc.Resource Identifier. The display name may be
translated into different languages. The identifier names will not have
spaces in them.
In format statements, you must use the identifier version of the name.
To see what these are, you can look at the metadata set file in your
collection. Or in GLI, choose the metadata elements from the drop down
list of variables to insert.

FOr your two examples, dc.Resource Identifier should be dc.Identifier,
and dc.Relation^Is Part Of should be dc.Relation^isPartOf


Sâ–ˇbastien Declercq wrote:
> Hello !
> I'm trying to modify the visual aspect of my collections and
> especially using a system based on the Qualified Dublin Core.
> However, I'm wondering how to use the metadata which contains spaces
> or the symbol ^ because, apparently, it doesn't work...
> Per example :
> /<tr>{If}{[dc.Title],<td align="center" valign="center">it
> works!</td>}</tr>/
> works but
> /<tr>{If}{[dc.Resource Identifier],<td align="center"
> valign="center">it works!</td>}</tr>/
> or
> /<tr>{If}{[dc.Relation^Is Part Of],<td align="center"
> valign="center">it works!</td>}</tr>/
> //
> refuse to work...
> Maybe am I making a mistake ?
> Or should I modify something in order to make it works ?
> Thank you in advance for your answers,
> miniSeb
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