[greenstone-users] problems creating a new collection

From Francisco Andrés Bressan
DateTue, 7 Dec 2004 17:34:24 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] problems creating a new collection
hello people, i've a question
when i make a collection, appears the next error:

buildcol.pl> GAPLug: processing HASH1547.dir/doc.xml
buildcol.pl> ADVIRTIENDO: Ning□n plugin podr□ ser procesado
buildcol.pl> Not a GLOB reference at
/opt/gsdl/gsdl/perllib/gsprintf.pm line 61 (#1)
buildcol.pl> (F) Perl was trying to evaluate a reference to
a "typeglob" (that is, a
buildcol.pl> symbol table entry that looks like *foo), but
found a reference to
buildcol.pl> something else instead. You can use the ref()
function to find out what
buildcol.pl> kind of ref it really was. See perlref.
buildcol.pl> Uncaught exception from user code:
buildcol.pl> Not a GLOB reference at
/opt/gsdl/gsdl/perllib/gsprintf.pm line 61.
buildcol.pl> gsprintf::gsprintf('ARRAY(0x8251e24)',
'doc.xml: {plugin.no_plugin_could_process_this_file}x{a}')
called at /opt/gsdl/gsdl/perllib/plugin.pm line 41
buildcol.pl> plugin::gsprintf('ARRAY(0x8251e24)', 'doc.xml:
{plugin.no_plugin_could_process_this_file}x{a}') called at
/opt/gsdl/gsdl/perllib/plugin.pm line 155

my collection have a two pdf files and a png graphic file

any suggestion?


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