[greenstone-users] [greenstone-user]Indexer MG/MGPP or Lucene?

From zulhakim esa
DateFri Mar 21 21:57:50 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] [greenstone-user]Indexer MG/MGPP or Lucene?
Hi list,

I have 2 collections with different metadata sets. Is it possible to do the cross collection search? Let say i have col1 and col2. col1 metadata set i used dc, and for col2 i used my own metadata set called ms. So is it possible to do the cross collection search.

Second question is, what is the condition to make the cross collecction search is possible? I have read this at mailing list but it is still not enough information.Can someone tell me the details about the indexer MG,MGPP and Lucene?

Zulhakim Bin Esa
Research Assistant,
University of Malaya

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