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From Katherine Don
DateWed, 29 Nov 2006 10:43:12 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Current Collections Conversion
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Hi Emily

The basic method of creating a Greenstone collection is to gather the
source documents, optionally assign metadata, design the collection
(i.e. what search indexes do you want, what browsing structures do you
want), then build it.
This process is covered in our set of tutorials on the wiki:
These tutorials cover lots of different file types.

If you are converting an existing collection in a different system to a
greenstone one, then the data format is the important point to consider.
Greenstone uses plugins to process source documents and metadata. If you
can export your collection as a format that greenstone understands, then
the conversion process will be easy.
If not, then you may need to write your own plugin (Perl), or do a
post-processing conversion.

I have not used FileMaker Pro - from 1 min looking on the web, it looks
like a database solution. Is it just metadata records? or does it have
other documents/files in it as well?
It appears that you can export to XML.

During the collection building process, we take source documents and
convert them to an XML form (this process we call 'importing', and the
format is called Greenstone Archive format). This archive format is then
used as the source for indexing, in the 'building' process.

One option if you have a set of XML records is to convert them (e.g.
using XSLT) to Greenstone archive format.
Then you can skip the importing stage, and just do the building phase.

Alternatively, you could write a plugin that processes your XML format
and creates Greenstone archive documents.

So the two options are to convert your source material into a format
that Greenstone understands, or modify Greenstone (via a plugin) to
understand your data format. The complexity will depend on the format of
your data.

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea about what might need to be done.
Note that if you decide you want to pay for some help, then DL
Consulting may be able to help you:
They would be able to, for example, work out the best format to export
your collection in and develop a plugin or process to get that into


Emily Fleischer wrote:
> Hello,
> Forgive me if this has been covered; I'm new to the list and I did try searching the wiki and list archive but didn't come up with much information on how to handle digital collections originally made in an older program. Our library is considering several options and Greenstone is a forerunner, but we currently maintain several digital collections in Filemaker Pro that we would want to convert to the new system. Is there any information on how that would be done? Would it take much time to format and convert? What problems could we run into?
> Thanks for any information.
> Emily Fleischer
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