Re: [greenstone-users] statistics and greenstone queries

From Katherine Don
DateWed, 06 Sep 2006 11:54:02 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] statistics and greenstone queries
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Hi Anson

An alternative to looking at apache logs is to use greenstone's logging.
You can turn logging on in greenstone by setting logcgiargs to true in
Then you get a line for each request of the library, recording all the
cgi args. simple perl scripts can then be used to extract the kind of
information you are after.


Anson Parker wrote:
> Hi All,
> Things are going VERY well. We uploaded 2000 documents this morning, and
> 2000 more on the way for the end of this week. One of the researchers
> then asked if it would be possible to retrieve basic stats on what users
> were querying of the database, and which documents were being reviewed
> most often. Apache would see some of this I figure, so I'm getting
> webalizer on it - has anyone else tested this out or have any ideas?
> Thank you all again so much - we're looking forward to getting our name on
> the list of libraries using Greenstone :)
> Rock on,
> Anson
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