Re: [greenstone-users] How to Enter Date Ranges in Dublin Core to GetProper Date Sort?

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 22 Sep 2006 10:35:42 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] How to Enter Date Ranges in Dublin Core to GetProper Date Sort?
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Hi Charles

I couldn't access the URL's below, so can't see exactly what is
happening, but here are some comments about dates in Greenstone.

We currently support only yyyymmdd format (the next release will also
support yyyy-mm-dd).
Any metadata names Date (e.g. ex.Date, dc.Date etc) will be formatted
'nicely', i.e. like '3 Jan 2004'. This is done by parsing out the yeear,
month and day from yyyymmdd.
Obviously this won't work for yyyy-yyyy.
Both DateList and the library metadata display mechanism have these
features, so the upshot is, you can't use Date ranges.
If you want to have a date range metadata that is displayed as is, then
you need to use a different metadata name, eg MyDate.
This will then be displayed in the library as yyyy-yyyy.
However, it can't be used in a DateList without modifying the code.

The next release, as well as supporting yyyy-mm-dd, will change the way
dates are formatted.
[Date] will be output raw, while [format:Date] will use the old pretty
dates. This will also use a macro, so how it interprets the date can be

We have a student working on a better DateList classifier - I would like
to see an argument to it such as -dateformat ddmmyyyy where the format
can be specified.
This will not be in the next release, but once it is finished, we will
look at adding date range support.

So the conclusion for you is, use another metadata element for your date
range, and don't build a Datelist on it.

Another option is to have two date metadatas, StartDate and EndDate
perhaps, and put one end of the range in each.
then to display the range, use [StartDate]-[EndDate]


Charles W. Bailey, Jr. wrote:
> We are testing Greenstone, and we have been unable
> to determine how to enter date ranges in
> Dublin Core in order to get this data to display
> properly.
> "dc.Date 1883-1909" displays as "1883" in the
> Titles A-Z list (see Shearn Methodist Episcopal Church)
> In Dates, it displays as "1883 _textmonth-1"
> and when the link is clicked, it says:
> This document has no text."
> Ideas?
> Thanks.