[greenstone-users] GS 2.60 / 2.70 Incompatibilities

From Diego Spano
DateTue, 12 Sep 2006 17:48:52 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] GS 2.60 / 2.70 Incompatibilities
Hi to all,
I have a collection built in GS 2.60, with an extra.dm macro file containing classifiers buttons. I saw the collection without problems in 2.60, but now I´ve installed GS 2.70 and I can´t see any button. I think that the problem is CSS. Is there any way to disable using CSS and let Greenstone behaves as version 2.60?
You can see the collection at:  http://biblioteca.derhuman.jus.gov.ar. Look that even _iconblankbar_ macro seems to be missed!!!
Any help?

Diego Spano
Archivo Digital
Secretaria de DD. HH.
Ministerio de Justicia y DD. HH.
Tel.: 5167-6550