Re: [greenstone-users] Unknownplug problem

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 15 Mar 2005 10:12:02 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Unknownplug problem
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You must have your GLI in "Librarian" mode (this is the default). In
this mode, everything involving regular expressions is hidden -- as most
librarians probably don't know about regular expressions (or need to use

Since you need to use UnknownPlug you must know a bit about regular
expressions, so you can switch your GLI into "Librarian Systems
Specialist" or "Expert" modes (File -> Preferences -> Mode). Then the
"-process_exp" option will be available, along with various other
importing, building, plugin and classifier options.

I agree that UnknownPlug is useless in Librarian mode. I think the best
solution is to add another option to UnknownPlug where you can specify a
filename extension ("djvu") for the files to process, rather than a
regular expression (".djvu$"). This won't be hard to add, so it should
be in the next release of Greenstone.



Tran wrote:

>Many thank to John.
>The problem eventually is my arguments to UnknownPlug. The argument
>file_format: *.djvu or .djvu does not work as I expected but after John's
>explanation it's clear now.
>Actually, I have to (not just want to) use -process_exp option (by entering
>into the field "my custom arguments") to tell UnknownPlug which files it
>should process. And now it works as it's explained by John, -process_exp
>djvu for all files with string djvu in any place in file's names and
>-process_exp .djvu$ for files ending by djvu string.
>Just a note: it's a little bit weird for an user. If the option -process_exp
>is a must then why don't you put it as a default option?
>And one thing annoying is that after you've entered the argument into "my
>custom arguments" and clicked OK you cannot edit this option anymore!
>Clicking on the button Configure Plugin and you can see that it's gone from
>the field "My custom arguments". You have to edit the collect.cfg for
>removing unwanted custom argument.
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>Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] Unknownplug problem
>On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 13:27 +0700, Tran wrote:
>>I'm using Unknownplug for importing *.djvu files. Using GLI I've
>>entered two arguments:
>> assoc_field: djvu
>> file_format: *.djvu
>>The strange thing has happended when I tried to build my collection:
>>From four *.djvu files that I wanted to add into my collection only
>>one file was recognised and processed by UnknownPlug:
>> The file DownloadDewdaney-golovolom.djvu was not recognised
>>by any plugin.
>> The file DownloadDifferential equations for engineers and
>>scientists.djvu was not recognised by any plugin.
>> The file DownloadFishman,_Monte_Carlo.djvu was not recognised
>>by any plugin.
>> The file Download
>>Hoffman;_Numerical_Methods_for_Engineers&Scientists,2001.djvu is
>>being processed by UnknownPlug.
>> The file DownloadPrincilpes of data Mining.djvu was not
>>recognised by any plugin.
>> The file Download
>>Thompson_Computing_for_scientists_and_engineers.djvu was not
>>recognised by any plugin.
>>Using Unknownplug without any argument did help, too. The symptom was
>>the the same.
>These filenames work for me. I think the problem is your arguments to
>The file_format option is used for metadata only. Eg if you put -file_format
>DJVU, then the greenstone documents will be given FileFormat metadata with
>"DJVU" in them.
>You want the -process_exp option to tell UnknownPlug which files it should
>process: "-process_exp djvu" to process any files that have "djvu" in the
>filename. Note that I think that this is case sensitive by default. Try
>"-process_exp '(:i)djvu$' to match all filenames that end with djvu,
>>I've reported that Unknownplug can recognised and processed just one
>>of my djvu files. It seems that it's a backward compatibility problem.
>>Means that Greenstone is designing for early version of Windows -
>>therefore it recognises well files with less than 8 characters in
>>their name.
>That definitely isn't the case. Greenstone is primarily developed on linux
>and windows xp, and short filename problems (for windows 3.1) are only an
>issue for the files distributed with greenstone. But I think we've dropped
>support for win 3.1 now, since very few people are using greenstone on it.
>None of that should affect greenstone's importing of files though.
>Can you email your collect.cfg file and an output log of it failing to get
>your files when they have the original names?
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